The traditional look of wooden fence without the maintenance costs, dangers and decay of wood. Each plank rail has two internal support ribs for added strength and impact resistance. Combines 5″ square posts with 1 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ rails in 16′ lengths.

This system is exceptionally strong. The posts are 5″ in diameter and the rails are 3″ in diameter. The rails are 16″ in length and span three posts which are 8″ apart. The rounded surface eliminates corners and sharp edges on which horses like to rub and crib. There’s no rubbing or cribbing satisfaction on the smooth round surfaces.

A standard race rail incorporating swan neck posts. This design does not require metal strengthening components above ground level. Fully capable of withstanding the pressure exercised by race horses and jockeys, racing rails from DuraMax yield safely in the event of impact and will flex and disperse the weight of the horse to guide and support it, enabling it to regain balance. The rail will return to its original form and position after impact.