We mainly use world leading SACMI cap machines from Italy and equipped with cap slitting and folding machines, printers with chromatography, laser printers, dry film laminators, visual inspection machines and more professional production equipments, which can meet the packaging demands of carbonated beverage and bottled water. With an annual production capacity of 1.3 billion units of caps, we offer single piece caps with a neck diameter of 1881mm, two-piece caps with a neck diameter of 1881mm, water bottle caps with a neck diameter of 2925mm, water bottle caps with a neck diameter of 3025mm, valve top caps with a neck diameter of 38mm, and bucket water smart covers, etc., which have advantages of overlapping seals, anti-piracy, easy-opening, high strength, high temperature resistance, clear designs, healthy and safe, etc., achieving anti-counterfeiting laser printing.

Made with unbreakable ultra-violet resistant polycarbonate and supported by a strong galvanized steel interior structure, our greenhouse carries the banner of the finest in the market. This greenhouse has wide double entry doors and more useable space for growing. Our greenhouse is long lasting and comes with a 12 year warranty.These greenhouses include a foundation frame kit, wide double doors, roof opening vent kit and the columns are designed to support all your shelving needs.