In addition to our wide range of preforms, Oman Plastics also supplies bottles manufactured to customer specifications. Manufactured in most modern blowing machines, we have bottle sizes ranging from 220 mil to 2 liters. Oman Plastics bottles are available in different neck sizes like 30/25, 28 mm PCO 1810, 38 mm etc.

All bottle compounds produced at Interplast are suitable for food contact applications and can safely be used for packing edible oil, fruit juices and soft drinks. They ensure the absence of any toxicological side effects and protect the contents from oxidation and UV radiation.

The range also includes compounds suitable for safe packing of cosmetics, detergents and chemicals. The characteristics of each bottle compound are tested on a laboratory blow molder as part of Interplast’s development and quality control procedures.

Specific Gravity 1.36 1.34 1.36 1.35
Tensile Strength (N/mm2) 52 50 51 50
Elongation At Break (%) 170 190 170 150
Shore D Hardness 80 79 81 80
Impact Strength (IZOD, J,M) 120 140 140 150
Vicat Softening Point (oC) 75 74 80 79
Physical Form Granules Granules Granules Granules
Areas of Application Non Toxic medium bottles Non Toxic Large Bottles Food Grade Film Food Grade Film